“It is a truly rewarding experience to have the opportunity to work with and get to know these individuals. I see myself creating important bonds with both the staff and participants alike.”

— Tyler

“Andrew loved his time with you at the Angelman Respite Center. The staff were so warm and inviting when we dropped Andrew off. Making me feel that they had all the bases covered and that all I had to do was now take some time for myself. Andrew came home very happy. For a man of little words he told me that he went swimming… lunch… art and even dancing. It was the big smile on his face that said in his own way “Thank you”. What else could a mother ask for! Andrew is already looking forward to his next visit.”

— Tracey Drumm

“This service is essential for a family’s wellbeing. Although our family is a new member to this centre, we have used this type of service at another place and see a big difference in our young adult’s in herself and the way she interacts with peers of her own age and limitations. The staff is always available ready the lend a hand when the client seems to need it.”

— Nina Di Maria